Hand made Italian Pinocchio wooden figures

Pinocchio Wooden Figures

complete range of Pinocchio wooden figures, from 24cm right up to 190cm ...

full range of wooden pinocchio figures


Here we have the complete range of hand carved and painted wooden Pinocchio figures.

They really are beautifully created, hand crafted pinocchios, each hand carved from naturally dried Alder wood and individually hand painted, giving each its unique personality.

Mauro Dolci (the real Gepetto), is a master craftsman and his work is recognised and appreciated throughout Italy and beyond

The Pinocchio figures range from 24cm right up to a whopping 190cm (that's over 6 feet tall!). All of the figures are articulated at the hips, neck and shoulders whilst the 150cm and 190cm are also articulated at the knees.

The life size pinocchios (100cm and above) would make a beautiful ornamental piece for a nursery or playroom.
NB: due to the size and weight of these larger figures they are not recommended for young children under 10 years of age and should be sited in a secure place.

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full range of wooden pinocchio figures Wooden Pinocchio Figures

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Description Price Qty
Pinocchio - 24cm Pinocchio - 24cm 8.99
Pinocchio - 31cm Pinocchio - 31cm 14.99
Pinocchio - 38cm Pinocchio - 38cm 25.99
Pinocchio - 50cm Pinocchio - 50cm 45.99
Pinocchio - 70cm Pinocchio - 70cm 89.99
Pinocchio - 100cm Pinocchio - 100cm 179.99
Pinocchio - 115cm Pinocchio - 115cm 209.99
Pinocchio - 150cm Pinocchio - 150cm 389.99
Pinocchio - 190cm Pinocchio - 190cm 599.00
Pinocchio wooden figures


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