Hand crafted Pinocchio wooden figures

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creating beautifully hand crafted pinocchios ...

full range of wooden pinocchio figures

In the foothills of the Italian Alps just north of the beautiful city of Bergamo in a small town called St. Omobono there is the little workshop where we first discovered the "real Gepetto" creating beautifully hand crafted pinocchios, hand carved from naturally dried Alder wood, and individually hand painted, giving each its unique personality.

The real Gepetto's name is actually Mauro Dolci and having inherited the woodworking business from his father he set about creating this delightful range of not only pinocchios but also many other items made from all manner of wood, includingh the very beautiful and evocative olive wood.

full range of wooden pinocchio figures

For those of you who don't know, Bergamo lies at the foothills of the Orobian Alps, about 60Km north east of Milan. It is a wonderful medieval citadel (sometimes called the mini Siena) surrounded by stunning mountain scenery and alpine valleys and is an ideal base fom which to explore the Italian Alps and lakes Iseo, Como and Garda.

Mauro is a master craftsman and his work is recognised and appreciated throughout Italy and beyond and we feel priviliged to be able to offer you the unique opportunity to purchase the wonderful and original wooden craftwork he produces.

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