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Pinocchio & Co was born after we discovered (completely by accident) a delightful little workshop in the Italian Alps whilst on holiday visiting family, where the carpenter was busy making the cutest wooden figures we had ever seen. My husband nicknamed him "The Real Gepetto". We have kept the secret to ourselves for years, and if anyone you know has one of these lovely little Pinocchio figures chances are we gave it to them. Over several trips we have slowly accumulated quite a collection. Please take a look at our "Meet the real Gepetto" page where you can see the man in action and learn more about the products and the lovely area they come from.

So what do we offer?...

Well, mainly it's Pinocchios (now there's a surprise!) along with a collection of other Pinocchio items, from pencils, fridge magnets to chess sets.

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All the items we sell are genuine artisan products which are hand made to order and of exceptional quality. They are all made from Alder wood which is collected locally and carefully dried, then hand lathed, crafted and painted to give each piece its own unique (and cheeky) personality. Best of all each 31cm Pinocchio comes with two noses! Well lets face it, you need the long one for when he is not quite telling the truth. As every Pinocchio is hand crafted and painted each is slightly different and completely unique, so the photo you will see on the product pages is the same for the various sizes, but we are sure you can use your imagination!

Our Pinocchios are available in a range of sizes from 10cm right up to over 2 metres (thats taller than me!) and the larger ones make a fantastic focal point for a nursery, play area or library reading area.

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